Breast Cancer, watch out: there is a new detective in town

Pentru ca se apropie luna femeilor, vin cu o noutate din tehnologie medicala care se adreseaza exclusiv acestora: iBreastExam, scanerul wireless, portabil si usor de folosit care detecteaza cancerul  mamar in faze incipiente.

Cancerul mamar este cel mai raspandit tip de cancer in randul femeilor, atat in tarile in curs de dezvoltare cat si in cele dezvoltate. Conform Organizatiei Mondiale a Sanatatii, in 2012, la nivel global, au fost diagnosticate aproape 1.7 milioane de noi cazuri de cancer mamar si raportate 500.000 de decese.  

Detectia timpurie a acestuia este extrem de importanta in rata de supravietuire. 

UE Lifesciences, o companie din India, a dezvoltat un scaner de dimensiuni foarte mici, care, prin radiatie in infrarosu achizitioneaza date despre tesutul mamar. Aceste date sunt transmise wireless catre mobil, care, in mai putin de 5 minute, le analizeaza si indica prezenta sau nu a tumoriloe maligne. 

Tehnologia folosita permite evaluarea cu acuratete si identifica diferentele dintre tesutul rigid, dur care caracterizeaza tumorilor maligne si tesutul elastic care caracterizeaza un tesut normal, benign.  

Trebuie mentionat ca testul cu iBreastExam nu foloseste radiatie periculoasa si nu provoaca durere sau disconfort. 

Testele clinice care s-au facut in India (tara unde rata de mortalitate din cauza cancerului mamar este la cote alarmante si se datoreaza diagnosticarii tarzii) au demonstrat o acuratete a rezultatelor de peste 85%.  Au fost detectate inclusiv tumoril in faze incipiente, precum si unele tumori care nu au fost detectate de medic prin palpare. In urma testelor clinice, scaner-ul a detectat corect toate tumorile maligne.

iBreastExam este destinat tarilor in curs de dezvoltare unde accesul la un centru specializat este destul de greu iar numarul medicilor specializati este mic. 


Because the month dedicated to women (March) is near, I am also coming with some news from medical technology with special significance for women: iBreastExam, a wireless, ultra-portable and easy-to-use scanner which detects breast cancer in its early stages. 

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer among women, both in developed and developing countries.  

According to the World Heath Organization, 1.7 million new diagnoses of brest cancer and 500.000 deaths were reported in 2012, worldwide. 

Early stage detection of breast cancer is essential for patients’ chances of survival. 

UE Lifesciences, a company based in India, has developed a new type of scanner based on infrared technology. The collected data are sent wireless to a mobile app which, within less than 5 minutes, analyses them and gives indicates whether or not malignous tissue is present. 

This technology accurately asseses and identifies the differences between the rigid tissue of malignous tumors and the elastic characteristics of normal, benign tissue. 

It is worth mentioning that iBreastExam is radiation-free and painless.

The clinical trials realized in India (a country where the breast cancer mortality rate is at alarming levels, primarily as a consequence of the timing of the diagnoses) showed an accuracy rate of above 85%. Even early stage tumors were detected, as well as tumors missed by doctors who utilized touching diagnosis. 

iBreastExam was designed for developing countries where access to a specialized center is limited as well as the number of specialized doctors.